Where are the Symptoms and Symbols in your life pointing?

Discover how the symptoms of your life manifest in the spiritual realm and can be understood

Your Symptoms and the symbols of astrology and numerology can be taken together and found to be pointing for the answers you are searching for. Our unique symtomology approach can answer your dilemas and enrich your life forever.

Readings with Jakie 

Astrology and Numerology are valuable but taken alone are not enough for todays saddening and maddening lifestyle problems. Symbology and Symptomology are the future of personal healing and growth. I will guide you through a process that includes a detailed survey personal symptoms (Marital, Relationship, Financial, Health Issues and Crisis, Loved ones, hauntings and the afterlife) and that includes a connection with divine light and love to bring you peace and lasting joy for years to come. Come and try a Free Consulation

New Note: 5/21And due to many recent requests, No I don't speak to the departed, but i can put touch with someone who does if you desire.

I am originally from Trinidad, where I studied mysticism with my family and became a pyschic. I would practice all day to tune in and receive the wisdom of the universe. I started coaching people when I was 12! I still didn't realize the powers that I possesed until the age of 22 when I had a profound experience with a loving energy. I have used the wisdom to help people just like you, year after year, with people becoming excited and many times crying over my revelations for them. They are tears of joy and knowing. I can help you like I did them! All of my readings are always 100% confidential. And for those times when you can't reach me you can try my new app browser control that can calculate your symptomology. You can find it Browser app readings I have seen low times and times of great challenge and sadness in my life too, so you can tell me anything. And i promise to help you with them.

Do you ever wonder why you can be so lucky on one day, and on another face the worst fate in your hands? I can work with the forces and energy flow that controls this luck to surround you with positive occurences and direct away the negative energies with passion for the former and forbiding for the later. You wount believe your luck that I can make happen. Please let me?

You can always Trust me with your most pressing problems and anything that you are obsessing on or ruining your life. I have been doing praciting psysic readings for 43 years and 100s of people put their trust in me. Just see what some of them say about me.